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Fliegenfischen, Flyfishing Austria, Salzburg, Salzkammergut
Flyfishing in Austria, Flyfishing waters Salzkammergut

The most amazing thing about fly fishing is that, after just a short time, nothing remains of the world around you but thoughts about fly fishing. You come to a place of stillness, and as you begin to cast out, the water fills your whole world.

Come with us an explore the fascinating world of

fly fishing

! Specializing in fly fishing opportunities in the Salzburg region, we offer individually tailored

personal guidings.

Experience an unforgettable day in the company of your Austria Guide, Urs Zulian, at one of the first-rate fishing locations operated by Hurch Flyfishing Salzburg, http://www.hurch.com.

Thanks to our wide range of fishing locations, we offer our clients the whole spectrum of water habitats to fish in, from mountain streams, to rivers running through woods and fields, to rivers in the foothills of the Alps. You choose the stretch of water that suits you best. We take you to the hot spots, and show you how particular locations can best be fished. Of course, we also point out the specific biological characteristics of each individual water habitat. The identification, and targeted imitation, of the insects that occur naturally in that environment certainly makes for interesting conversation.


fly fishing

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